INZONE Gaming Headsets FTW! Which one is the right fit for you?


Whether you’re an avid gamer, or just doing it for some escapism, a high-functioning and high-quality pair of gaming headsets are a must-have in your arsenal. Enter the zone with the INZONE gaming headsets, which are available in three models: INZONE H9, INZONE H7 and INZONE H3.



Built for any type of gamer to enjoy, INZONE gaming headsets are designed with the player in mind. Equipped with revolutionary sound technology and comfortable to wear, these headsets will definitely help you get your head in the game. Still not convinced? Continue reading for more reasons why you absolutely need these gaming headsets!


As you’ve probably already guessed from the above paragraphs, Sony is finally launching our first-ever gaming headsets! A long-awaited launch from some of our fans, we’ve decided to create these headsets for any kind of gamer to enjoy, from hardcore gamers, to PS5 console gamers, and even the casual gamer.



What is INZONE?

What makes INZONE special is that all three of the headsets are equipped with 360 Spatial Sound mapping technology. It’s developed with a virtualiser that recognises the shape of your ears and optimises sound for gaming, with the benefit of precise enemy detection so you can get the drop on your enemy even if you can’t see them.



They’re all fitted with a flexible boom mic as well, carefully designed so that you can bring it closer to your mouth for more voice clarity in your games. Using a bidirectional microphone* and audio signal processing means it won't pick up unnecessary sounds. Its flexibility also means you can flip up the microphone and store it when not in use, and mute it at the same time.

*Applicable for only the INZONE H9 and INZONE H7



I’m a hardcore PC gamer, are the INZONEs a good fit for me?

Absolutely! With the INZONE H9 and INZONE H7, you can connect to your PC with its USB transceiver and connect via 2.4 GHz wireless connection. Its low-delay algorithm also allows for low latency wireless connection which means a faster response time for those intense gaming sessions.


For the pro gamers, the INZONE H9 has an exclusive Noise Cancelling and Ambient Sound Mode feature. Extremely convenient for those who want to focus only on the in-game noises and not be distracted by anything going on in their home, and with just a touch of a button you can switch to Ambient Sound Mode to keep an ear out for any important noises. This is made with the same Dual Noise Sensor Technology used in our industry-leading 1000X series headphones!



These headsets are also Discord certified, so you can talk to your teammates over your voice channels and plan out your winning strategies and win as a team.




What if I game on PS5?

As an extra special treat for the console gamers, these gaming headsets allow you to enjoy the immersive sound of PS5 Tempest 3D Audiotech. It transforms your games with 3D audio and timed effects giving you a true-to-life gaming experience.


With the Tempest Engine, you can enjoy a high-class 3D audio experience without the need for an expensive multi-speaker set up in your home. Just use the INZONE headsets and you’re good to go!



Additional features with the PS5 include showing the headset’s status on screen (headset connection, on/off status, volume, battery level, microphone status), and you can easily balance the volumes of the voice chats and the game sounds so you can choose which sound to focus on in-game.



For the complete gaming set-up, pair your INZONE headsets with a BRAVIA XR A90K OLED TV with its dedicated gaming features to maximise your gameplay experience.




What if I’m just a casual gamer?

If you’re a self-proclaimed casual gamer, the headset of choice for you might be the INZONE H3. Wired gaming headsets that are perfect for those looking for something versatile and reliable.




Is there anything else INZONE offers?

All of the headsets are extremely comfortable, thanks to its soft ear cups and wide headband cushion that reduces the pressure placed on your head so you can game comfortably for hours one end with no strain on your head or ears!



The INZONE gaming headsets also offer you multipoint connection, which means you can simultaneously connect to two different devices. Use the dongle provided to connect to your PS5 or PC and then use Bluetooth to get audio from your phone, for example.



This is a nifty feature to have especially for the console gamers who don’t have access to apps like Discord natively, this makes it easier for you for cross-platform communication with your friends/teammates.


It also has its own INZONE Hub PC software. With this, you can customise your sound settings such as the 360 Spatial Sound for gaming, the Equaliser and Dynamic Range Control.



Here’s an overview of all three INZONE headsets and their features:





Wireless (2.4GHz + Bluetooth) + Lighting Effect

Wireless (2.4GHz + Bluetooth)


360 Spatial Sound

360 Spatial Sound

360 Spatial Sound

Noise-Cancelling + Ambient Sound



32 Hours Playtime

40 Hours Playtime




If you’ve read this far and think these headsets are made for you, then get your own INZONE gaming headset here!