Live stream made easy, fuss-free shooting and sharing with ZV-1

 The popular ZV-1: bright, light, and now in white

 Calling all casual videographers (that’s you!) - break free from the limitations of your phone with the all-new, white version of our extremely popular, lightweight ZV-1 camera. Enjoy fuss-free shooting and sharing. It’s remarkably easy to let auntie and uncle see the baby walk for the first time or hear her first words. It’s easy to make your pup’s Instagram account the best in show. Share or live stream your simplest or most precious moments, all captured with the gorgeous video they deserve.

 The ZV-1 makes you look fantastic

Share your latest success in the kitchen, your pet’s adorable face, your toddler’s funny face or your new outfit. All you have to do is shoot and share the moments of your life and the camera does the work for you. You and your subjects will always be well-exposed and in-focus, even if you’re moving quickly - there’s no need to make adjustments yourself.


 Share your latest success in the kitchen | Shoot your pet’s adorable face

 familydaily moments

 Capture your toddler’s funny face | Take selfies with your new outfit

 Accessorise with a stylish, white ZV-1

Our black ZV-1 is so popular, we’ve added the fun of matching your camera to your personality. Whether you prefer a classic black ZV-1 camera or the new, stylish, white one is up to you. They both come with a matching windscreen and all the features you’ll love, including Clear Audio Recording, One Push Bokeh Switch and One Push Product Showcase Setting.

Black and White White 

ZV-1 in both Black and White | Accessorize with the stylish ZV-1 white

 Clear Audio Recording

Capture the sound you want and nothing else. The camera’s unique, directional 3-capsule mic captures clear vocals, even when shooting outdoors, and offers further wind-noise reduction with its new, modern windscreen. Spend your time creating fantastic, engaging content and less time re-shooting and editing footage spoiled by wind noise. For an even higher audio quality, simply attach an external mic such as the ECM-XYST1M stereo mic to the MI shoe. It couldn’t be easier.

 Capsule MicWindscreen

  ZV-1’s unique directional 3-capsule mic | New modern windscreen to reduce wind-noise when shooting outdoors

 One Push Bokeh Switch

Toggle between clear focus and the pleasing quality of bokeh for a dreamy, eye-catching look. One-touch of the C1 button turns the background bokeh on or off – it’s that simple. Look like a pro with ease and give your shots a unique quality to set them apart.

 Focus on C1 ButtonBokeh ClearBokeh Defocus
C1 button conveniently located to turn background bokeh on or off | Background bokeh off with clear background | Background bokeh on with defocus

 Product Showcase Setting

One press of the C2 button activates the product showcase setting mode and brings small objects into sharp focus. No more waiting for the focus to shift, as the ZV-1 allows instant focus transition from the face or eye of the subject to the object being showcased.

 Focus on C2 ButtonOne-push Product Showcase (OFF)One-push Product Showcase (ON)

C2 button allows for easy product showcase setting mode |Product showcase setting mode is off | Product showcase setting mode is on and brings small objects into sharp focus

 Steady as you go

Stay stable with the ZV-1 & VCT-SGR1* shooting grip bundle.  As you make your way through the streets of Singapore or shoot from the comfort of home, you’ll have convenient access to capture photo or video and zoom control on the grip itself. Convert the versatile grip to a mini tripod in seconds and set it down to capture the colours, lights, and sounds of the street or inside your favourite restaurant. 

 Sharing’s as easy as shooting

The free Imaging Edge Mobile™ app means simple, effortless photo and video transfer to your Apple or Android phone. Edit and upload images to your social media platforms from wherever you are.

 Go live with ZV-1

Your family around the world or colleagues at your live presentation will always see you in top form. The free Imaging Edge Webcam Software allows you to go Live with ZV-1to meet your friend’s fiancé or your little nephew halfway around the world. Get to know your colleagues during formal teleconferencing meetings or in friendly chats after-hours, and look fantastic while you do it.  It can be as if you’re there at those live trivia nights and baby showers.

 Live streaming is as easy as 1-2-3

With our new Imaging Edge Webcam Software, you can boost your live stream with Sony ZV-1 in 3 simple steps:


  1. Download our free Imaging Edge Webcam Software onto your computer
  2. Connect the ZV-1 with the supplied USB cable to your PC
  3. Start live streaming!


 Videoconferencing_with windshieldZV-1_KitchenZV1_Yoga
Video conferencing with family or colleagues  | Have a live cooking show | Teach your yoga class

 Boost sales

The Product Showcase Setting ensures all of your hard work pays off by showcasing your wares with a sharp focus and a clear view. When you want to be the star of the show, the autofocus feature finds and focuses on your face and eyes. When you want to shift focus from you, activate the C2 button and let the camera focus on your product.


Activate the C2 product showcase setting mode during your live stream | Showcase your wares with sharp focus and clear view


No experience, no problem

The ZV-1’s all-in-one compact solution means it’s easy to shoot, share, and stream - even if you’re new to live streaming. From recording casual videos to showcasing your incredible product and live streaming the different moments of your life, the ZV-1 makes it so easy to stay in touch with everyone you care about.

Want to experience the ZV-1 in real life? Demo units are available for you to try out at all Sony Stores islandwide. Our friendly product consultants will also be there if you have any questions on the camera!