Bring The Ultimate Cinematic Experience Home

Cinema is coming home – finally.

We now live in a world where streaming platforms are our main form of entertainment, while staying in the comfort of our own homes is king. The quality of home entertainment has become more relevant than ever. That's why Sony’s latest innovations are bringing cinema-like picture and sound to our newest BRAVIA lineup, so you can now bring the magic of cinema home easily.

Experience cinematic picture and sound at home

With over 60 years of TV innovation and expertise in every aspect of filmmaking, Sony’s TVs replicate the movie experience right in your home, by delivering picture and sound quality with unmatched realism beyond what conventional TVs can. Designed to blend in perfectly with your living space.

See movies the way creators intended

Our film production expertise and collaboration with the world’s top streaming services has led to our creation, the automatic Studio Calibrated modes. This innovation lets you watch movies, shows or even live sports the way filmmakers and broadcasters intended on our newest BRAVIA TVs like the BRAVIA 9, BRAVIA 8 and BRAVIA 7. Our BRAVIA TVs also support the rigorous standards of IMAX® Enhanced, DTS:X®, Dolby Vision® and Dolby Atmos® for an unbelievably atmospheric and immersive viewing experience.

With more seeking a truly cinematic experience at home, comes an increased demand for larger screen sizes with higher resolution. This is where Mini LEDs come in handy as they are known for their ability to deliver enhanced contrast, brightness and local dimming which results in deeper blacks, reduced blooming and superior HDR performance.

Mini LED TVs – realistic brightness and contrast

Mini LED TVs are smaller and denser LEDs that control areas of the backlight so both dark and bright subjects are presented clearly, with the most accurate contrast without flare. Mini LEDs require far more precise control. That’s where our XR Backlight Master Drive comes in to create highly accurate backlight control that’s unique to Sony, in particular, our newest TVs, BRAVIA 9 and BRAVIA 7. Check them out below!

BRAVIA 9 – Our brightest 4K ever
Our flagship Mini LED TV delivers supreme brightness and contrast for the most authentic cinematic experience, with a 4-way multi-position stand to suit your home layout. It is best paired with BRAVIA Theatre Bar 9.

BRAVIA 7 – Perfectly balanced, entertains everyone brilliantly
Mini LED TV engineered for bright cutting edge pictures and cinematic sound. It features a 4-way multi-position stand that adapts to suit the needs of your home and is best paired with BRAVIA Theatre Bar 8.

If pure blacks and vibrant colours are the top features in your search for the perfect TV, OLED TVs are the choice for you. On an OLED screen, pixels are precisely and individually controlled. This means that each pixel can be activated or turned off completely to create deep blacks and dazzling lights in incredibly accurate detail.

OLED – Pure black pictures and beautifully matched sound

Powered by Cognitive Processor XRTM, our OLED TVs take vision and sound to the next level with real-life contrast and immersive sound that matches the picture. Check out our latest OLED TV, BRAVIA 8 below.

BRAVIA 8 – Aesthetic slimness, blends in beautifully
The perfect centerpiece for your living space with slim styling, lifelike pictures and atmospheric sound that’s best paired with BRAVIA Theatre Quad.

Level up your movie experience with SONY PICTURES CORE

Experience the best of Sony Pictures entertainment on-demand with SONY PICTURES CORE, where you can access a wide range of content with the largest collection of IMAX® Enhanced movies, and stream in the highest picture quality with Pure StreamTM. Enjoy movies on us with up to 10 movie credits for SONY PICTURES CORE and up to 24 months access when you purchase an eligible BRAVIA TV.

Cinematic surround sound with our latest home theatre systems

If you’re looking for an even greater cinematic experience, consider our newest TV and Home Theatre Systems that work in perfect harmony.

Pair your BRAVIA TV with a BRAVIA Theatre for true home cinema and an unmatched audio visual experience with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. 360SSM creates multiple phantom speakers that go beyond conventional surround sound, to totally immerse you in the moment. You’ll never have to worry about the layout of your home theatre because with Sound Field Optimisation, everywhere becomes the best seat regardless of your room acoustics. Plus, our Home Theatre Systems are designed to blend in seamlessly and complement your interior.

BRAVIA Theatre Quad – The true sound of cinema
Featuring 16 speaker units with Sound Field Optimisation, the BRAVIA Theatre Quad makes it easy to decide on your speaker placement as it optimises acoustic performance to suit your room layout, with a new and elegant design that blends into any living space. It delivers a vast surround field unlike any other with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping and is now available for purchase.

BRAVIA Theatre Bar 9 – Taking sound above and beyond
Our flagship soundbar with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. Powered by quad woofers and quad passive radiators that deliver deep, powerful bass with ⁠13 speaker units that automatically optimise sound.

BRAVIA Theatre Bar 8 – Enjoy cinematic moments together
A single soundbar with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. Featuring quad woofers that deliver powerful bass and ⁠11 speaker units that automatically optimise sound.

360 Spatial Sound Mapping

Experience a cinema theatre-like surround sound in your home with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. This innovation generates sound waves from phantom speakers positioned beyond physical speakers. This spreads a vast sound stage throughout the room that’s much wider than conventional virtual surround sound speakers. The number of phantom speakers generated depends on the system. The BRAVIA Theatre Quad has up to 12 phantom speakers while the BRAVIA Theatre Bar 9 and 8 have 5.

Newly developed Upmixer

Experience three-dimensional surround sound from stereo content with our newly developed upmixer. The upmixer analyses content in real time and extracts individual sound objects based on their localisation to relocate them for a three-dimensional sound experience.



[Sony Store Exclusive] BRAVIA Theatre U – Wearable Cinematic Bliss

For a more personalised experience, our all-new wireless neckband speaker, BRAVIA Theatre U lets you experience your own spatial sound. The immersive sound surrounds your ears in open air, so that you can play movies and games at a high volume without having to worry about disturbing others.

Make your movie nights even more immersive with enveloping Dolby Atmos® sound and 360 Spatial Sound when paired with our compatible BRAVIA TVs. You can even pair it with another BRAVIA Theatre U to share the experience with a loved one. Plus, enjoy low latency gaming using a wired connection and crystal clear calls on multiple devices.

From now till 31 August 2024, purchase the BRAVIA Theatre U at $349 (U.P. $399) exclusively at Sony Store. Existing SRS-NS7 & SRS-NB10 customers will enjoy further discounts at $299.


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