Services For Your Camera

Enjoy these privilege services when you purchase an interchangeable lens camera from Sony Stores!

Express Sensor Cleaning & Exterior Polishing

Step 1: Clean away dirt on sensor

Using a specialized cleaning stick to remove dirt blocking the sensor for a clearer image.

Step 2: Remove smaller dust particles

Puff away dust that lands on sensor during cleaning process and smaller dust particles.

Step 3: Cleaning the nits and grits

Brush away the dirt that's trapped in between the gaps of the camera


Step 4: Overall Cleaning

Wiping away fingerprints on the exterior of the camera

Step 5: Completed!

Collect Your Camera!


Firmware Update

Do you know that your camera requires a regular firmware update? If you’re heading to town over the weekend, simply drop your camera at Sony Store 313@somerset and let our professionals update your camera firmware for you. Do your shopping and come back after 30 minutes to collect your camera and start shooting great photos! 

Lens a Loan Privilege

We’re here for you to achieve greater heights in your photography journey with you together.

Entitled for this privilege? Look through the extensive lens library here.

Call to check for availability 6634 9497 and head down to your nearest Sony Singapore store at Sony Store 313@somerset to collect your lens. Terms and conditions apply.

Make your camera purchase on Sony Online Store and still be entitled to all camera services! Head down to your nearest Sony Store today and enjoy the privileges you deserve!