G Master Lens - Tomorrow's Lenses Today, From Sony

Lens standards are changing

Advances in camera performance and soaring creative ideals demand a new approach to lens technology. Lenses must evolve to remain ahead of the curve.

With a clear vision of cameras of the future, Sony now redefines the lens.

High resolution and appealing bokeh together at last, from the leader in imaging innovation.

Enjoy exclusive PWP promotion on *selected G Master lenses with every purchase of Alpha Full Frame mirrorless cameras! (selected models only^) Limited period only!

*Apply these PWP promo codes 

  • SEL1224GM (Get 4% off with Promo Code: PWP-LENS4OFF)
  • SEL100400GM (Get 5% off with Promo Code: PWP-LENS5OFF)
  • SEL1635GM (Get 5% off with Promo Code: PWP-LENS5OFF)
  • SEL50F12GM (Get 5% off with Promo Code: PWP-LENS5OFF)
  • SEL135F18GM (Get 6% off with Promo Code: PWP-LENS6OFF)
  • SEL85F14GM (Get 6% off with Promo Code: PWP-LENS6OFF)
  • SEL14F18GM (Get 7% off with Promo Code: PWP-LENS7OFF)
  • SEL24F14GM (Get 12% off with Promo Code: PWP-LENS120FF)
  • SEL35F14GM (Get 12% off with Promo Code: PWP-LENS120FF)
  • SEL50F14GM (Get 13% off with Promo Code: PWP-LENS130FF)
  • SEL70200GM (Get 18% off with Promo Code: PWP-LENS180FF)
  • SEL2470GM (Get 22% off with Promo Code: PWP-LENS220FF)

^Applicable with every purchase of these selected Alpha Full Frame mirrorless cameras.

  • ILCE-9M3
  • ILCE-7CR
  • ILCE-7CM2
  • ILCE-7M3/ ILCE-7M3K
  • ILCE-7M4/ ILCE-7M4K
  • ILCE-7RM5
  • ILCE-7SM3
  • ILCE-9M2
  • ILCE-1
  • ILME-FX3
  • ILME-FX6