Workout Ideas with Sony's WF-SP800N Truly Wireless Sports Headphones

If you're looking to look lean and fabulous, here are some workouts that you can incorporate into your routine. To top that off, accompany your workouts with the WF-SP800N for some pumping music to keep you going. In collaboration with RUN Magazine, here are some tips and reviews on the latest truly wireless headphones.

Back to the Gym

Not having access to a gym and proper equipment for nearly three months can really throw a spanner in the works, especially for those who have a specific gym training programme that they adhere to. Co-founder of HIIT gym GRITYARD, Lim Yao Xiang shares some tips on how to get back your gym momentum. Read more about his experience here.

Easy Home Workouts

Even though we are in Phase 2 at the moment, there are many people who are still working from home and more who choose to stay at home and work out despite gyms and fitness studios reopening. Find out how avid runner Sherlynn Tan switches up her home exercises to keep things fun whilst breaking out a sweat! Read more here.

Going Further and Faster

One thing that Dr See Hui Ti absolutely needed on her conquest to run 20km every day for 55 days – as part of the Majulah Run – was music. “Running tempos, intervals and time trials usually cannot be done with headphones, but for this Majulah Run, music is the key. If I feel good in the morning and am ready to push my best, I will loop the same song 20 to 30 times,” said the 49-year-old medical oncologist. Find out more on how the Sony WF-SP800N truly wireless sports headphones motivate her runs.