Which Sony Camera Should You Get For Webcam?

Video conferencing and live streaming is now the primary way for content creators, educators, industry specialists to connect with their followers, as it is more interactive and “real”.
Whichever platform you use for your live broadcast, the camera you choose plays a crucial role in ensuring the overall success of your production.

So, what should you look out for when choosing a camera for video conferencing?

1. Clean Video HDMI out (i.e. no camera UI overlays)
2. Doesn’t overheat
3. Doesn’t automatically shut off after a period of time

In this article, we’ll be recommending you the top 3 live stream cameras that achieve the requirements stated and we’ll breakdown which is suited for different professions, so you can select the one that best suits you!

Best Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Set-up For Live Stream

Good for professionals, established businesses who are looking for high quality video conference live streaming

A more advance set-up is required in situations where you’re conducting a virtual product launch event, a high quality live-stream production for a large audience setting or simply to impress your audience.

The Alpha 7 III offers outstanding image quality with its full frame sensor. With a great variety of lenses to choose from, you can shoot from a super wide angle where you capture details of the room to a narrow product shot featuring details of the object while providing a natural blurred background (Bokeh). Be it shooting in a low light environment or capturing product details in superb clarity, the industry leading mirrorless camera will wow your audience by delivering the best quality content.

Complete the set-up with microphone, grips or tripods and constant light with our Full-Frame Live Stream Bundle!

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Best APS-C Mirrorless Camera Set-up For Live Stream

Good for content creators and educators who needs versatility in content creation yet something small, light and easy to operate


If you’re looking for a lighter set-up while maintaining the versatility of being able to switch lenses, then the Alpha 6400 is best suited for your needs.

Having a compact form, the mirrorless camera offers you the best of both worlds. Great image quality with versatility yet compact enough to bring your video conferencing set-up along with you where ever you go. This is great for educators who are conducting a combination of physical and virtual classes as well as content creators who like to switch up the content by live-streaming at different locations.

Engage your audience with sharper image quality and a wide-angle lens, it’ll feel as if they’re live in the room interacting with you and your surroundings. Try the SEL1018 for this! Switch up your lenses as you change your session to a more intimate one where your audience can feel up close and personal with you. We recommend the SEL18105G.

Best Compact Camera Set-up For Live Stream

Good for fuss-free content creators who are most of the time recording as a one-man operation.


If you’re a small enterprise or a content creator who’s most of the time functioning as a one-man show operation, the Sony’s ZV-1 is the best live web camera for you. Easy to use, and comes with many automated functions.

With Face Priority Auto-Exposure (AE) and Natural Skin Tone function, it ensure constant face brightness and a healthy-looking skin tone, even in backlit or dim conditions.

Furthermore, with its one push product showcase button, it allows you to record without worrying if the video’s focus is on point when you do a product recommendation video. Simply let the camera’s AI do the job and you can be free of any tech worries.

Live-Stream Made Easy with Sony’s Imaging Edge Webcam

3 simple steps

1. Download Imaging Edge Software
2. Connect Camera via USB Cable
3. Start Streaming

Find out more through this help guide or simple reach out to us at +65 6341 9945 via a call or WhatsApp to inquire more.

So, what are you waiting for?

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