Top 7 Sony’s V-Day Gift Guide for a Sweet Valentine

Without breaking the bank, make your significant other blush. Whether you're buying this year for yourself or to impress someone special, we have found some great deals for you!

Keep reading to shop from cameras, headphones to speakers, we have seven recommendations that each suit the personality of your significant other, and vouchers from Udders and Crafune! Hurry, good deals do not last for long!


1.   Digital Camera ZV-1

 Dating someone who loves travelling or casual photography/videography? The ZV-1 is one of the favourites preferred by many!


The ZV-1 is built to get great shots even while you’re moving. With amazing image stabilisation, you can shoot smooth video when walking and, as the lighting changes shadow to sun, or outdoors to in, the automatic exposure (AE) tracks faces and makes sure they always appear well-lit.

Enjoy near-limitless visual possibilities with different colour effects to match plenty of your adventures together. With a simple toggle between clear and blurred background, the push of the bokeh button will focus on what truly matters in the frame - you and your significant other.

The ZV-1 has you covered in all aspects of casual videography, even with exceptional sound quality thanks to the directional 3-capsule mic and a bundled windscreen that come with it for wind noise reduction. It’s the perfect way to capture all your sweet moments in one frame!

2.   Sony Vlog Camera ZV-1F

If your significant other loves content creation or vlogging, they are going to love the ZV-1F!

The ZV-1F is a compact and lightweight camera made to elevate every content creator’s vlogs. The ultra wide-angle 20mm lens helps you fit and capture everything in the frame so as to not miss any details of your important moments.

Get stunning visuals from the ZV-1F that offers you beautiful skin tones on camera, sharp contrast AF with automatic lighting adjustments, a beautifully defocused background, and impressive colours with the Creative Look feature for minimal post-editing works.

The effortlessly portable vlog camera is designed with simple intuitive touchscreen control, including a direct connection to your smartphone for seamless transfers with the Imaging Edge Mobile Plus™ app

Start creating beautiful couple vlogs and share them with the world to see!



3.   LinkBuds S - Truly Wireless

Stay connected with your loved ones online or offline with the Truly Wireless Headphones,  LinkBuds S!

The ultra-small and lightweight earbuds will surely excite your Valentine with their excellent noise cancelling and optimised Ambient Sound modes.

Gift your loved ones the most comfortable earbuds - LinkBuds S. It comes in an ergonomic design for a more stable fit. They’re going to be able to dance, exercise, and work with their favourite songs in their ears all day.


Score extra brownie points this Valentine’s Day by getting the LinkBuds S in Earth Blue for your significant other and tell him/her that they represent your whole world!

4.   LinkBuds - Truly Wireless

If you’re looking to give something stylish and unique, the Wireless Headphones LinkBuds will not go wrong. Sony’s LinkBuds come in a unique open-ring design that keeps you comfortable as if there’s nothing in your ear.

Stay connected with people and places without the need to pause your music. In other words, you can still whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears without taking the LinkBuds off.

Make crystal clear calls even in a noisy environment, and enjoy the rich and well-balanced sound of your music with the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE). Built for everyday ease, there is Voice Control and Wide Area Tap for easier control.



Surprise your significant other with a different kind of ring this Valentine’s!






5.   WF-C500 - Wireless Headphones

For something small and snug, get the WF-C500 Truly Wireless Headphones that come in four vivid colours - orange, green, white and black. Show your significant other that he/she colours your world beautifully!

With DSEE technology, the small yet powerful earbuds deliver high-quality and rich audio. Every high-frequency and fine fade-out sounds are balanced and restored beautifully for a more authentic listening experience.

Not only does it come with an ergonomic design for a comfortable fit, but the WF-C500 also comes with easy button operation for flexible reliability when it comes to multitasking.


Bring your WF-C500 anywhere and everywhere with the pocket-sized case. It is built for a luxurious feel with frost-like translucent glass.




6.   WF-1000XM4 - Industry-leading Noise Cancelling Headphones

For music lovers who appreciate a complete immersion in their world of music, speak their love language by getting the Award-winning and Industry-leading Noise Cancelling Headphones, WF-1000XM4.


The New Integrated Processor V1 brings you an uninterrupted listening experience with greater noise cancelling while enhancing the sound quality by reducing noise distortion. Besides the voice of your loved ones, every audio from the WF-1000XM4 will be music to your ears.

Plus, there are other modes such as Automatic Wind Noise Reduction and Ambient Sound modes for you to stay connected anywhere.

These portable and compact Truly Wireless Headphones come in an ergonomic surface design with innovative Noise Isolation Earbud Tips for a stable and secure fit. You will never want to take these off!

Let him/her immerse into your sweet voice this Valentine’s. As our tagline for WF-1000XM4 says: Your Sound. Nothing Else.



7.   LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker

Stay in this Valentine’s and get cozy with the Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker that looks like a mini cylindrical modern fireplace.

The wireless speaker will help set the mood by illuminating the room with a candlelight effect - isn’t it just the perfect element for a romantic dinner?

Even better, you can sync the rhythm of the lights to the music for a rejuvenating night. And with three accentuators at the end of the organic glass, the LSPX-S3 spreads a full 360 degrees of sound evenly.

Immerse into the night with your favourite romantic songs playing in the background while you connect with your significant other on a deeper level. 


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Grab these sweet deals and make your Valentine's extra lovely this year. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!