Build Your Own Immersive, Object-based, Personal Surround System

For lovers of movies, music videos and other forms of on-screen entertainment, there are several ways of enjoying your audio-video “fix”. A traditional home cinema system with separate speakers placed strategically around the listening area, or a sound bar with surround sound multi-channel audio capabilities are great options when entertaining your family or guests.

However, for those with space limitations or unable to place speakers at strategic locations within the listening environment, Sony has come up with a revolutionary technology that provides a virtual, all-enveloping surround listening experience without the need for multiple speakers! Called 360 Spatial Sound Mapping- a technology that also works with Dolby Atmos® and DTS-X®- to create multiple phantom speakers from just a few physical speakers by synthesizing sound waves in the listening environment. Thanks to the phantom speakers, viewers can enjoy the widest ever sound field, filling every part of the living space, so everyone gets the same sound experience, wherever they are in the room.

A number of Sony sound systems like the HT-A9 and HT-A7000[i] feature this technology, and when paired with selected BRAVIA televisions, it offers the ultimate immersive audio-visual experience with Sony’s best picture and sound quality. When combined with Acoustic Centre Sync mode, users can have even more immersion by precisely matching where the audio is coming from with what’s on the screen.

And when a BRAVIA XR television is connected to the new WLA-NS7 wireless transmitter, the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping experience is further enhanced when used in conjunction with selected Sony headphones to deliver the same all-enveloping, personal audio experience without disturbing your neighbours or loved ones. Compatible Sony headphone models include:

Aside from enjoying Dolby Atmos® content on your TV, on the music side, the HT-A9, HT-A7000 and new SRS-NS7 also support 360 Reality Audio when used with a smartphone – so you can enjoy the atmosphere of a live concert or music video and immerse yourself in music all around you. This is available via your smartphone from compatible music services such as Deezer, and TIDAL.

And now for those who want a personalised, surround sound audio experience with Spatial Sound Mapping, here is a device so revolutionary that it sits on your neck and shoulders, and envelops you in pristine surround sound- immersing you with the scenes played on-screen.

The new SRS-NS7 is the latest addition to the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping product family. It’s the world’s first Dolby Atmos® compatible wireless neckband speaker when used with selected BRAVIA XR models and the supplied wireless transmitter. Like the HT-A9 and HT-A7000, it delivers Sony’s unique 360 Spatial Sound Mapping experience with an optimised cinematic experience that immerses you in a personal bubble of aural splendour. When used with the 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer smartphone app, it takes photos of your ears, to analyse your unique hearing characteristics as a result, and to integrate these characteristics into your SRS-NS7 audio experience. An X-Balanced Speaker Unit provides optimum speaker size in a compact body, increasing sound pressure and minimising distortion for clearer music and vocals. The upward facing speaker delivers clear sound directly at you without disturbing others, immersing you in your movies and music even late into the night.

In addition to it being the perfect partner for selected BRAVIA XR TVs, the SRS-NS7 also pairs with other makes of televisions and devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, letting you enjoy your favourite entertainment with 2-channel stereo, even on palm-sized devices.

It’s not just TV, movies and music where the SRS-NS7 excels, the wireless neckband speaker is also great for home working with easy hands-free calling. Optimal microphone placement captures and delivers your voice in excellent quality, while the X-Balanced Speakers Unit reproduces voices clearly. Plus, with echo cancelling minimising feedback, everyone on the call can hear and be heard clearly.

Designed with total convenience in mind, the SRS-NS7 also features Multipoint Connection[ii] that lets you connect two devices at the same time, such as your laptop and smartphone. So, if a business call comes in on your laptop while you’re listening to music on your smartphone, you can take the call with just one click of the Play/Call button on the left side of the neckband. Once the call is over, you’re automatically reconnected back to your favourite playlist.

The SRS-NS7 provides hours of comfortable use thanks to its flexible band and ergonomic design that fits securely around your neck, allowing for total comfort while enjoying your entertainment. Providing up to 12 hours of power (up to 5 hours at maximum volume), even the longest movies and TV shows just keep on playing.  A quick charging with USB type-C® for 10-minutes gives you up to an extra 60 minutes of play time.

The IPX4 splash-proof design of the SRS-NS7 lets you enjoy your favourite shows and tunes anywhere in the house without worry, even while doing your daily chores like washing up. A fabric surface finish offers a comfortable feel that’s a pleasure to wear and own. With a silicone finish neckband and soft-feel rear coating, it’s perfect for everyday use and is easy to clean.

Launch Promotion Details (ends 31 March 2022):

The SRS-NS7 wireless neckband speaker retails for S$399.00 when bought on its own, however as a purchase-with-purchase offer, it will retail for S$299.00 when purchased with a BRAVIA XR television.

The WLA-NS7 wireless transmitter retails for S$89.00 and when purchased with selected MDR headphone models (as above), the retail price becomes S$59.00. And in an exclusive bundle deal, the WLA-NS7 can be purchased together with the WH-1000XM4 wireless headphones for S$409.00 or with the WF-1000XM4 wireless earphones for S$379.00.


[i] The software update for the HT-A7000 to add 360 Spatial Sound Mapping will be available Over-The-Air by the first quarter of 2022.  

[ii] One device for music playback using A2DP protocol, another device for communication using HFP profile. Requires device corresponded to Bluetooth connection. Combination of Mac OS computer and iPhone is not available.