Size & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D)

Approx. 55.7mm x 97.3mm x 10.8mm 2.20 inches x 3.84 inches x 0.43 inches


Approx. 99 g 3.50 Oz


Battery Life - Continuous Playback Music

MP3 (128kbps) / Ambient Sound Mode ON: Approx. 30 hrs

Battery Life - Continuous Playback Music Notes

The values shown in this topic are the approximate battery life when content is played continuously at the default settings. ,Even if the player is turned off for an extended period, a small amount of battery power is still consumed.,Battery life may vary depending on volume setting, conditions of use and ambient temperature. ,The battery is consumed considerably when the screen is on.,The battery life may become about 70% shorter when some of the sound quality settings are active.

Charging Time (full charge)

Approx. 4 hrs

Charging Time (Quick Charge)


Built-in battery

Built-in Rechargeable lithium-ion Battery

Charging and Power supply

USB power (from a computer via a USB)

Storage Media

Memory Size

16GB,Micro SD Micro SDHC Micro SDXC

Playback & display

Music Searching Methods

All Songs Artist Release Year Playlists Album Genre Composer Hi-Res Recent Transfers SensMe Channels Folder

Music Play Mode

Shuffle Playback,Repeat Off,Repeat 1 Song,Repart All,All Range,Selected Range

Drag and Drop


Display Resolution

3.1-inch (7.8 cm),WVGA(800 x 480 Pixels)

Display Type

TFT colour display with white LED-backlight

Photo Playback Notes


FM Tuner


Sound Effects

6 Band equalizer,DSEE HX,DC Phase Linearizer,Dynamic Normalizer,VPT,ClearAudio+,Clear Phase,Vinyl Processor

Audio Playback

MP3 ( .MP3): 32 - 320kbps (Supports variable bitrate (VBR) ) / 32, 44.1, 48kHz

Audio Playback Notes

Sampling frequency may not correspond to all encoders.,Copyright protected files cannot be played back. ,Non-standard bit rates or non-guaranteed bit rates are included depending on the Sampling frequency. ,Files that are 4 GB (APE is 2GB) or larger cannot be played back.,This product recognizes audio sources exceeding CD quality (44.1 kHz / 16 bit quantization) and DAT quality (48 kHz / 16 bit quantization) as High-resolution Audio.The "HR" symbol is displayed for high-resolution audio sources. ,For sampling frequency over 352.8 kHz, it will be down convert playback.




Headphone Out (Stereo mini-jack)


20-40,000 Hz

Maximum Power Output (JEITA 16Ω/mW)


Headphone Out (Balanced standard-jack)



Maximum Power Output (JEITA 16Ω/mW)



Operating System

Sony original OS


Digital Noise Cancelling

Digital Noise Canceling Select NC Environment: Full-auto AINC, Bus / Train, Airplane, Office





Headphone: Stereo mini-jack

Wireless Capabilities

Communication system: Bluetooth Specification Version 4.2