Replicate Beautiful Moments in Life with Alpha 7C

Replicate Beautiful Moments


Introducing the world’s smallest and lightest Full-Frame camera and lens system#, the state-of-the-art α7C camera provides exceptional Full-Frame quality with FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 lens.

Might Uncompromised

With α7C’s steadfast auto-focus (AF), the intuitive operability provides effortless handling to ensure precise subject capture. The camera’s Full-Frame sensor is also significantly larger than similar-sized APS-C cameras and compact digital cameras. This increase in light collection allows images to be captured in depth and replicated to the finest detail.

Powerful system unhindered by its small frame, the camera is perfect for both budding professionals and casual photographers to capture moments anytime, anywhere.


APS-C users with intentions to upgrade may consider α7C for its Full-Frame quality and similar compact size. Experience finer details with larger pixels using α7C and produce high-quality images even against bright backdrops or dark city nightlights.

Full Frame Quality

In hand with Sony’s powerful BIONZ XTM, the 24.2MP Exmor RTM CMOS sensor delivers sublime colour reproduction and a 15-stop dynamic range. This intricate capture of details ensures high quality unhindered by any lighting conditions.

The powerful Full-Frame sensor enables an increased signal-to-noise ratio, providing beautiful images enhanced by textures and shadows. Effective noise reduction also ensures images with fast-moving subjects and poor lighting conditions to be captured effectively. The standard ISO100-51200 in α7C is also extendable to ISO50-204800.


Explore your movie-making dream with the α7C camera. Effortless control combined with the Full-Frame functionality guarantees high-quality transition of moving images. 4K quality has never been made easier with a full-pixel readout equivalent to 6K recording using α7C.

The reliable AF function and α7C’s continuous shooting allow smooth transition between scenes without losing any split-second shot. Photographers can rest assured that α7C’s optical image stabilisation unit prevents blurry movements while keeping its subject in steady focus.

Aspiring Film Producers

The long-lasting battery of α7C along with additional headphone and microphone jacks amplify the production experience. The vari-angle LCD monitor rotates 176° horizontally and 270° vertically with a touch-intuitive panel to provide easy controls. Finally, the high-rigidity magnesium alloy frame ensures a lasting life with resistance towards dust and moisture.


Explore flawless shots using three powerful interchangeable lenses with Sony α7C. The matching set of G Prime Lenses offers different focal lengths to suit a range of scenes and subjects. All three lenses have a 7-blade circular aperture that provides a natural bokeh background to enhance the focal point.

Creativity Unleashed

With 49mm filter diameter, the same compact design and layout, the uniform set of lenses ensure easy portability and compatibility. The aluminium build of the lenses provides a strong and sturdy body while keeping the weight light. Gimbal rebalancing is also no longer a chore with the lenses, especially for photographers who are constantly on the move.


Introducing the SEL24F28G wide-angle prime lens where users can capture wide-angle views for both stills and moving scenes of landscape and architecture in high image quality. Two Linear Motors ensures precise and quick AF performance while the aspherical elements of the lens reduce distortion around the corners.

A minimum focusing distance of 24cm for AF and 18cm for MF (manual-focus), the powerful lens also provides a maximum magnification of 0.13x for AF and 0.19x for MF. Achieve sharp resolution without colour fringing for the perfect close-up or wide-angle shots.

Available here at $899.


The SEL40F25G lens delivers impressive quality image at a standard focal length that is neither too wide nor too tight, making it perfect for street photography and daily snaps. With intuitive operability and two Linear Motors, decisive moments are spontaneously captured with fast precision without compromising quality. High-quality resolution and reduced colour fringing to unveil texture and shadows, the lens is ideal to capture any moments in both the day and night.

SEL40F25G Picturesque Portrait

SEL40F25G lens provides a minimum focusing distance of 28cm (AF) and 25cm (MF) with a smooth magnification of 0.2x (AF) and 0.23x (MF). This ensures a lifelike reproduction of close-up portraits or street shots in depth against a complementing bokeh background.

Available here at $899.


The SEL50F25G is an all-rounder lens that is perfect for capturing casual portraits and human subjects in stills, and moving scenes. Stunning images replicated to the finest quality, the two Linear Motors ensures superb tracking performance of moving subjects while retaining G Lens image quality and pleasing beautiful bokeh.

SEL50F25G Casual Portraits

A minimum focusing distance of 35cm (AF) and 31cm (MF), the lens’ maximum magnification of up to 0.18x (AF) and 0.21x (MF) ensures excellent image replication of both close-ups and full shots. Sharp resolution with suppressed colour fringing, high-quality images are captured quickly and precisely with SEL50F25G.

Available here at $899.


“Having used the α7C paired with the 3 G lenses on my daily commute, it has made shooting so much more enjoyable. It's so lightweight and compact that I can put my a7C into any bag whenever I want to. This combination also churns out great quality images and it is the perfect entry point for hobbyists who are looking to elevate their photography to the next level. It has been an absolute joy shooting with the 3 new lenses and I would recommend it to those who are interested to step into the world of G lenses.” - Jaegen Tan

Introducing Jaegen Tan, a key opinion leader in the photography circle who shares his pleasant experience with Sony’s α7C and the three G lenses in his photography adventures.


The convenience of the lightweight and compact α7C camera and the three powerful G lenses offers an elevated photography experience. Without compromising image quality, the innovative α7C provides equally sharp Full-Frame resolution. Experience a whole new level of photography delight with α7C and G Lenses now.

α7C available here from $2,399 (U.P. $2,499) onwards.

Only With Alpha 7C

# With an FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 lens mounted. Among full-frame interchangeable-lens digital cameras, in combination with an interchangeable zoom lens. As of September 2020 press announcement. Sony survey.