How to enhance your premier league football experience at home

In this how-to segment, we’re delighted to share 3 of our new, exceptional TVs with you. They’re ideal for sharing in the excitement of premier league football with family and friends. Sure we’re all at home, but we can make watching the game together as good as being there.

Enjoy the beautiful game on a beautiful A8H 4K OLED TV

It’s got cutting-edge technology at its core and immersive viewing at its heart.

All of Singapore is excited to celebrate the return of premier league football. Grab your custom jersey or scarf and get ready to cheer on your favourites in front of a new, premium large-screen A8H 4K OLED TV.  Its immersive sound and picture experience makes your home an even more desirable place to be.

Study every moment of the game in real-world detail and texture, enhanced with vibrant, natural colour, courtesy of the X1™ Ultimate Picture Processor. Its slim, one-slate design allows the screen to meet the edge of the TV, leaving you on the edge of your seat.

 See every kick and keeper’s dive in 4K resolution and brilliance of OLED 

Take the thrill of seeing “GOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLL” to the next level.

Your gym membership may be lightly used right now but these footballers give us all something to aspire to. Thrill as they approach the net, calculating their next move...ever so slowly...and BAM! It’s in. See every feat of strength in natural shades and hues, with more depth and pure black contrast, on the BRAVIA OLED screen with Pixel Contrast Booster. Sing and sway along with your mates, look out over the pitch, and lose yourself in the celebration. For a truly sweet moment, it will feel like you can reach out and touch them. 

Football, family and friends

Cosy up with family and the close friends in your bubble.

Get game ready - set down supper anywhere you like, because with X-Wide Angle, no matter where you put the TV, you’ll have the best seat in the house. See every moment of a live football game from your favourite chair or the back of the room, with nothing in the way. The A8H’s slim, elegant profile and narrow metal bezel make it ideal for small spaces. Its flexible, low-profile blade stand and cable management system means your elegant aesthetic goes unspoiled.

Premier sound for the premier league

Hear every cry of celebration and despair.

The best part of the event is discussing the play in detail and whether that yellow card was warranted. (We all know that VAR will settle this lively debate.) You and your guests can chat and laugh all you want - you’ll still hear every moment with brilliant clarity. Now, to convince them you were right...

On the A8H, sound and picture live in perfect harmony. It’s Acoustic Surface Audio technology transforms the TV screen into a speaker, enabling sound to follow the action for a more immersive viewing experience. Each model offers Ambient Optimisation, a new technology that detects where you are relative to the TV and optimizes its full sound potential. Wow. 

Watch live football tonight with same day delivery.

Sony soundbar: it’s all about that bass (and treble)

Get big sound in a small space.

Feel the sound all around you, wherever you are. These sleek, low-profile soundbars move you out of your room and into the stadium where you’ll hear every manager’s yell and referee’s whistle. Take your audio experience to a higher level without sacrificing coveted space in your home with our most unobtrusive HT-G700 and HT-S350 soundbars.

HT-G700 Dolby Atmos® DTS:X™ soundbar

The HT-G700 with Vertical Surround Engine, our advanced virtual-surround technology, will make you forget you’re at home. Fully immersive sound, using Sony’s unique signal processing, lets you hear what everyone’s saying and (eventually) the roar of the crowd, with crystal clarity. Hit the Immersive AE (Audio Enhancement) button and the HT-G700 can upscale even regular stereo audio to 7.1.2 surround sound – as though you are part of the match!

HT-S350 2.1 channel soundbar

 The discreet, HT-S350 speaker unit is all about that bass. The 2.1 channel sound bar may look discreet and understated in your living room but with a 320W total output and a powerful wireless subwoofer, it packs an impressive punch. Our S-Force PRO Front Surround gives you virtual-surround sound to fully live the scariest, funniest, and most dramatic, action-packed moments.

Enhance your work and play

Your dog (and maybe you mum!) is excited you get to spend more time together. We’re all home so much, we need a second drawer for loungewear and the things we have to iron have been sent to the back of the closet. As we work more from home, the A8H will act as the perfect monitor for video calls, organizing spreadsheets or building powerpoint presentations. Say goodbye to the small screen and embrace the luxury of seeing your work and your colleagues as up-close-and-personal as we can get.

Life gets better with beautiful technology.

The A8H’s slim design and cutting-edge tech features will embellish the space in your HBD apartment or the condo you’re dreaming of. With built-in support for Apple Homekit/AirPlay2 and Google Home/Assistant, it is a breeze to integrate all your current devices with your Sony TV. You’ll find quick access to an array of content and services the latest version of Android TV™.

Your voice, combined with Google Assistant, provides a smarter viewing experience. Ask your new 4K TV to do things like cast and control videos or change the channel and volume. Easily search and watch your favourite movies, ask Google for answers, sports scores or weather updates and get them on-screen. Your voice gives you control of your TV and even your home.

Watch the big game, tonight

Whether you’re kitting out your front room, bedroom, office or new home, you’ll be thrilled to invite your mates over to enjoy the match. If the A8H isn’t for you, choose from two more new models, the X90H and X95H. Both boasts Full Array LED technology, which provides extraordinary contrast by having zones of LEDs lit independently. You’ll be thrilled to find Sony’s unique Acoustic Multi-Audio technology in both series, where the position of the sound is married to the images on the screen, making it feel like you’re right there.

Sony support for your best set-up

Choose from the A8H, X90H or X95H and have them delivered today. Talk to Sony support on WhatsApp for a consultation and live demo to easily and safely get them both set up.

Even if you can’t be at the game, you can encounter the wonder of Sony technology live and in-person. Join us at these Singapore stores to safely see, hear and feel our new models. We’re excited to introduce you to your next (or first!) great TV.