Content creation made easy with the new a7C compact full frame camera

In this how-to segment, we’ll highlight all the ways our new a7C compact full frame camera gives you the stunning photo quality you want with the portability you need. We’re here to help you make storytelling and digital content creation the best it can be. 

The a7C compact full-frame camera puts creative power in your pocket

Take the world’s smallest, lightest compact-body camera with you everywhere you go.

You’re always creating, whether you’re at home, on the street or in a studio. The a7C gives you spectacular image quality for stills and movies, all in a supremely portable package. Create remarkable images even in challenging low-light environments, build your creative stories with high-speed continuous shooting in low light with faster shutter speeds, build your compelling stories with high-speed continuous shooting and see it all through a handy vari-angle LCD monitor. Keep this camera with you to capture life, as it happens.



As a digital content creator, you share, share, everywhere

Every platform deserves quality footage.

Social media doesn't mean compromised quality. Your brand and your stories should be as polished or as unrestrained as you want them to be. Use the power and diversity of 4K video and 24.2 megapixel stills to cater your content to each platform. Night shoots feel effortless with low-light capability and vari-angle LCD means you can shoot both horizontally and vertically with ease. Carefully tailor your messages everywhere you post them, without limits.


Beauty is in the eye of the camera holder

Be ready when inspiration comes.


Memorable imagery is what Instagram was made for. Pump up your photo quality with the power that comes with a 35mm full-frame back-illuminated CMOS sensor - one that provides superior light collection which translates to low-noise images. This increased light collection also allows for sharper detail in shadows and highlights. Confidently shoot that building that cuts beautifully into the night sky. Elegantly showcase the defined lines of the clothes you sell and the stylish model wearing them. Yours will be miles ahead of the photos taken with smartphones, compact digital cameras and similar-sized APS-C interchangeable-lens cameras.

At ~509g (with battery and memory card included) and an ~124.0mm x 71.1mm x 59.7mm body, you can carry the world’s smallest and lightest* compact full-frame camera and expect uncompromised  full-frame camera performance. You’ll have the power to take photos with depth and emotion. Find and capture those moments of freedom and joy. This camera is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to bring out the photographic art that lives inside you.

Follow that skateboarder or cyclist and turn their mesmerizing movement into a compelling Instagram Reel. Take up to 223 images with high-speed continuous shooting at 10fps. Attach the GP-VPT2BT Shooting Grip With Wireless Remote Commander for full control. Its quick-tilt function allows you to move swiftly and easily without manipulating your subject and gives you remote control over movies and stills. You control the story. The a7C will help you tell it with style.


 Capture life, in motion

Never lose sight of your vision or your subject.

 Shoot your YouTube movies in 4K high-resolution using the a7C’s movie functions. Comedy is all about timing; capture that perfect comedic moment with the subtlety it deserves. Find and keep your subject in steady focus over a wide area with the unique 4D FOCUS. Impressive 693 phase-detection AF points cover ~93% of the image area. Document everything in each frame perfectly, for the quick cuts you’ll make later.

 Focus on the important things.

Whether you’re shooting a presenter making your auntie’s legendary recipe or helping create a new Singaporean food trend, the a7C’s state-of-the-art AutoFocus (AF) and continuous shooting capability ensures you never miss the magic moment when the yeast starts to activate or the steam begins to rise up through the light. Optical image stabilization keeps your subject clear and steady - a gift to you as a director - leaving you to focus on creating the shots you want.

 Kiss post-production goodbye.

Effortlessly create the effects you want. You’ll find a wide, dynamic range of Picture Profile and Creative Style’s simple-to-use visual effects. Show off your personal style in multitude ways and leave it to the camera to make you look good.




News happens when we least expect it

Tweet out that significant shot or video with confidence.


Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, let the camera’s AI auto-focus for you quickly. Use Real-time Tracking and Real-time Eye AF for emotive people shots or a magnificent animal sighting. Pull the a7C out of your bag and record those unforgettable moments that can happen in the blink of an eye.  You can even activate Real-time Tracking when you’re not shooting in AF-C mode. It’s these little things that make a big difference.

Great audio means great video

You know it’s more than choosing the perfect Tik-Tok song.

Whether you’re playfully interviewing the next big star or telling it like it is on Tik-Tok, the digital audio interface provides clear sound recording – a content creator’s best friend. Use Sony's ECM-B1M Shotgun Microphone or XLR-K3M Adaptor Kit via the MI (Multi Interface) shoe, for high-quality sound with digital-signal audio.  Messy, cumbersome audio cables are a thing of the past. A built-in headphone jack gives you the ability to hear it all with your preferred headphones and the built-in mic-jack means no more extra pieces to lose or carry. Relax and get back to choosing the perfect soundtrack.


© Lee Aik Soon

 Power to the people

A battery that comes with peace of mind.

 No matter where you are, you’ll have power. Allow yourself to feel the ocean breeze and be inspired on a gorgeous seaside shoot. Rest easy the night before scaling that mountain for an elusive product shot. Whether you’re building your portfolio as a lifestyle magazine photographer or simply sprucing up your website, take up to 740 rich, dynamic photos or 215 min continuous HD video recording (w/LCD monitor). The large-capacity Z battery is simply tucked into the a7C's compact body and a USB Type-C® cable is all you need for charging - even when you’re shooting. You’re welcome.


Thrive in modern and traditional mediums

Share high-quality photos online or in print.

 Ready, aim, and half-press the preconfigured shutter button to shoot with Real-time Eye AF. Maintain focus on artful shots, when your model’s wearing glasses or coyly revealing only half of their face. Show off your portraiture skills using reliable subject tracking. Think outside the (pin) box and fully explore your creativity.  With a sensor more than twice the size of the sensors found in APS-C cameras of similar body size, the a7C proves that when it comes to quality, sensor size matters. Don’t miss a shade of colour in that make-up tutorial or a single flirtatious eyebrow raise. Whether you’re selling a product or your own creative content, let the power of the camera free you to focus on your work.

Be inspired by our Alpha Creators. Head done to Sony Store, 313@somerset and check out the impressive photo exhibition on display shot by the 4 finalists who had the chance to use the new a7C. You can even try out the new a7C for a hands-on experience and see where your imagination takes you.

Purchase yours and unleash your inner creativity or make the work you’re already doing easier, faster, and more beautiful.